Covetable Re-Imagined Bespoke Objects


Available as One Off's


Or in Strictly Limited Numbers



Previously known as See Want Must Have, we have since evolved into Objet d'JLK - always keeping our eyes open to source items that have been neglected or that has the potential to have a (sometimes completely different) new life, as well as creating things from scratch. Pieces are lovingly worked by hand, to create unique one of a kind products that have a distinctly idiosyncratic nature with a cut & paste aesthetic, focusing on interesting material mash-ups, texture clashes and colour combinations. We receive great joy making heroes out of former nobodies or reworking iconic items into new contexts.

Because of the pre-loved nature of this project, some pieces may come with life experience and the laugh-lines and minor imperfections to prove it, with no two pieces quite alike or factory perfect - and all the better for it.

We are also open to comissions and collaborative projects - so do get in touch if you wake up in the middle of

the night with a glorious vision that needs to be brought to life!

If you would like to be informed of new Objet d'JLK products becoming available, be so kind as to provide us with an email address -

we are very discreet and dislike over-zealous promotions, junk mail and 3rd party intrusions, so please rest assured...

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